5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Jeans for Men

A good men’s streetwear composition consists of a plain tee and good-fit jeans. Therefore, men need to consider the factors that make jeans look good on them. Through the factors considered before buying a pair of jeans in the market, men should feel more comfortable, confident, and relaxed wearing their best clothes.

1. Fit

The fit is undoubtedly the most crucial factor to consider when buying a pair of jeans for men. It can make or break a look depending on how it sits on your body. The fit of a pair of jeans is the most vital factor to consider, especially in terms of streetwear. It primarily affects the way the clothes give you a stylish look. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the measures outlined for your waist, hips, and thighs, as well as your height.

A good-fitting pair of jeans is what men should consider before buying jeans. When jeans fit well, they’re more accessible and comfortable to wear. However, if jeans are too loose, they may expose some parts that should not be disclosed. In addition, one might feel uncomfortable wearing a pair of jeans that is too tight.

2. Cut

The cut of a pair of jeans is another parameter to consider. When it comes to the streetwear trend, men should consider a cut that is shorter in length and on the leg. Other jeans cuts that look good on men in streetwear style include the straight, skinny, and loose-fitting cuts.

One should consider a good fit but not sacrifice the cut. A pair of jeans with a cut that is not good can make an otherwise stylish outfit look bad. Men should consider a cut that makes them attractive and stylish.

3. Fabric

The fabric is also a factor that men should consider when buying jeans. It primarily affects the durability and the comfort of the jeans. The most common materials used in making jeans are denim, cotton, and corduroy.

Denim is a standard fabric used in making jeans, mainly a cotton mixture. However, some jeans are made with a blend of cotton and spandex to make them more flexible and comfortable.

4. Color

The colour of the jeans is another factor for consideration. Different colors look good on other people. In streetwear, men should consider a pair of jeans lighter in colour. Some of the best colours to consider in this case include white, black, and grey.

Just like the other factors to consider, you should feel the colour of the genes within the context of your outfit. A pair of light jeans should be paired with matching colour accessories and shoes to complete the outfit.

5. Wash

Wash is another factor to consider when buying jeans for your streetwear look. It essentially defines the end look you would like to achieve from your overall look.

The wash determines how light, faded or distressed the jeans will look. These factors affect the general appearance of the jeans worn. For example, light washing gives the jeans a clean appearance, while faded wash gives them a distressed appearance.


Buying jeans is a straightforward task if you know what to look for. The factors to consider should only become the deciding factor when there are many options to choose among. However, as long as people know their style, they should select the best jeans for them through instinct.

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