How to Achieve a Timeless and Cool Look with Your Jeans

Can you imagine a world without denim? Well, yeah, maybe you can, but it’s not going to be the same. For most people, a pair of jeans is a staple – the one thing they always have in their wardrobe. The reason is that with the right cut and styling, jeans are among the most flattering pieces of clothing there is. 

That said, not everyone is making the most out of jeans. One reason may be that they don’t exactly know what to look for, what’s flattering, and what to pair them with. If you’re having trouble looking your best self with your jeans, this article is for you as AD COLLECTION shares how you can wear different styles of jeans: 

Selvedge Denim

This is the reinforced version of raw denim that gives you clean edges with no frays. It’s somewhat different from raw denim as this only pertains to the outer edge of the fabric instead of the overall characteristic of the material. It’s usually identifiable by the red stitching on its inner hem. If you own selvedge denim, you can rock it with denim jackets or collared shirts and suits because it has that clean look. 

Slim Jeans

This is the go-to cut of jeans for most men because of the balanced look it offers and because it’s pretty comfy. Even those who are new to wearing jeans are usually most confident in slim jeans. This is an excellent starting point for everyone. Then they can go either looser or skinnier, depending on their preference. Because slim jeans follow the contour of the legs, you get a nice silhouette without feeling too constrained. It’s universally flattering and is quite flexible, meaning you can pair it with almost anything from fitted tees to casual suits. 

Skinny Jeans

Another quite popular cut of jeans is the skinny fit. Skinny jeans are cut closer to the legs than slim jeans, but there’s still a bit of tolerance. It’s somewhat like loose-fitting tights or leggings. This cut gives the illusion that the wearer is taller because of its tapered finish. That said, this style is more suitable for slimmer guys because those with a larger frame usually have an issue with the jeans wrapping too tight around their hips and legs. 

Super Skinny Jeans

Super skinny jeans are for those who like their jeans hugging their legs tightly. Super skinny jeans are made of a material with a higher elastane blend to cotton. Because of how tight they are, super skinny jeans are recommended for taller and slimmer guys. The proportion might not be as flattering for guys with bigger frames. This style is more suitable for casual looks, and they won’t go well with suits. 

Straight-Cut Jeans

Straight-cut jeans are your regular pairs of jeans that are straight throughout and do not taper from the knee down to the hem. These have looser leg openings and overall fit. Most brands of jeans for men offer this fit because they are preferred by many. These work well with looser-fitting tops (but not too boxy and long). You can match them with jackets or sweaters, too. 


Finding the right style and fit is essential when buying a pair of denim. You want a cut that’s flattering to your height and body shape. Of course, you should also consider the wash or colour. The most important thing, though, is that you find a comfortable and durable pair to let you do all the things you need to do without constraining you. 

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