Different Ways to Rock a Shirt and Look Good in It

A no-brainer piece of clothing you should have in your wardrobe is a good shirt. This is because this versatile piece can work well on different occasions, allowing you to bend your looks to fit appropriate events and happenings. 

However, some people find it tricky to style a seemingly simple garment of clothing. While some like to dress it down in a more baggy, laid back look, others would like a less sloppy look and go for a smarter, put-together style. 

But if you find yourself scratching your head and wondering how to style your curved tall tee or long shirt, don't panic because our team of fashion experts has got you covered. 

Below are some of our tried and tested ways to enhance your t-shirt styling skills. With our tips, you'll get to work out of your home, rocking every shirt you have, making you look good in the streets. 

Tip #1: Make Sure You're Following the Dress Code

When you're picking out an outfit for the day—whether it be for a date, running errands, or if you have to go to an event—you must be dressed appropriately for the activity. With that said, make sure you choose the right t-shirt to complement the event's demands. 

Make sure you're aware of the dress code the event requires and that you're dressed appropriately for an occasion. For example, if you're going to a meeting with a client, make sure you put on a shirt that will make you look presentable and professional. 

Tip #2: Understand What Works for Your Body Type

It's easy to say that everyone can look good in a shirt, right? There's a reason everybody has this in their wardrobe, but the real question is this: is it the right shirt for your body type? Dressing according to your body type can truly change your fashion game, allowing you to look and feel good throughout. 

That's why you must find pieces that will flatter your body. Trust us—choosing a fitting shirt can instantly enhance your appearance, so it's worth spending time and effort looking for the best one. 

Tip #3: You Can Never Go Wrong with Solid, Neutral Colours

Going for neutral and solid colours can be a great way to instantly boost your whole look. This is because these tones can complement a wide range of complexions, making it easier for you to find the best look to complement your style. 

  • Gray: Gray shirts are a great way to brighten up a look without going for a bright white shirt. This gives you more freedom to add accessories that could take your look to the next level.
  • White: No one can go wrong with a good ol' white tee; that's why it's considered to be a foundation for every man's wardrobe.
  • Black: A men's streetwear casual staple is a black t-shirt. This type of shirt can give you a more put-together, clean, and professional look, and all you need is a good pair of jeans or trousers. 

The Bottom Line: Find the Right Shirt that Suits Your Body Type and Style

Whether you have a muscular physique, toned body, or have a bigger build, there's always a shirt that will complement your look and style. And now that you know these tips, it'll be much easier for you to style your favourite shirts, whether it be a long t-shirt or one with an edgier design. 

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