7 Clothing Essentials All Men Must Have In Their Closet

While a typical guy's closet won't match a girl's closet in terms of the variety of clothes to wear, there are still a few must-haves that all guys should own. Everything from that one chic suit that fits any formal events down to the laid-back, basic t-shirts perfect for casual activities are some examples of what you should have in your closet, ensuring that no matter the occasion, you've got something to wear.

With that said, if you're wondering what exactly you should have to complete your closet, here is the list of essentials to consider buying:

A Suit

No matter how often or rarely you go to formal occasions, you will want to have a suit in your closet. More specifically, go for a navy-blue suit. Sure, you can opt for black or even white colours, but none are as versatile as navy-blue ones. This is because navy-blue suits work well with a wide range of colours, meaning that depending on the pairing, you can make the look formal or even casual!

A Watch

By now, you should have a watch of some sort. Whether it be a digital or a mechanical watch, a watch with a leather or metal band paired with a metal or other type of metallic face can work for any occasion. You can also have plastic watches for more casual events, but there are watches out there that are designed in such a way to fit both formal and casual events!

Slim Trousers

If you are fed up with suit trousers, go slim trousers instead. Specifically, look for slim chino trousers. They are an excellent alternative to suit trousers, and they look great for both formal and casual events. Pair this with a dress shirt, and you're already ready to go out to work!

Slim Fit Jeans

Much like your slim trousers, you also need slim-fit jeans. It is just one of those casual pieces of clothing that never seem to go out of trend, and they can be paired with essentially anything else to lean close to, either formal or casual. Just make sure that it isn't too tight. Otherwise, you won't have a good time trying to move around in it.

Casual Sneakers

Casual sneakers are a must-have, especially ones that are solid white. They work with literally any other clothes, thanks to their incredible versatility. Of course, since they're white, you need to keep them clean more often, so keep that in mind!

Black Lace-Ups

Along with your suit, you need formal footwear, and this is where your black lace-ups come in. Simply pick one that fits your stature and feet, and you're good to go!

A Buttoned-down Shirt

Much like the versatility of white, casual sneakers, the buttoned-down shirt can be used for literally any occasion. From wearing it unbuttoned for a casual look or under a suit for a formal event, there's always a use for your buttoned-down shirt.


If you have all of these items in your closet already, you're good to go! Feel free to purchase extras to add more variety to your closet. However, if you are missing any of the items above, then it is time to visit your nearest clothing outlet or online shop to pick and choose the clothes that you need. Remember, you may not need them right away, such as a suit, but sooner or later, you'll find yourself wishing that you bought it so that you can quickly get ready for an up-and-coming event!

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