About Us

AD COLLECTION started out as both a need and a passion. A need to create a more meaningful life. A passion for men’s fashion.

Have you ever thought about how the world will remember us after we’re gone? We call this our legacy. A legacy allows our lives’ actions and thoughts to live on after us, so that we are remembered in some way.

Working to create a legacy keeps us connected with the meaning of life in our present. It helps us decide the kind of life we want to live and the kind of world we want to live in.

Our brand emerges with the purpose of reflecting a lifestyle through fashion. A lifestyle that reflects all that we truly hold most dear, our most significant of values, our deepest selves. A lifestyle that enables us to live fully in the present, knowing what’s important, what drives us and how we want to be remembered.

In this way, fashion goes far beyond the clothes we wear; it involves all spheres of existence. The way we connect with each other, the choices regarding how we eat, the sports we play, music, spirituality, the environment ... Everything is culture, everything is life, everything is fashion.

Our products are carefully designed to represent these diverse aspects of our lifestyles. We hope that you can feel all the meaning we put into each piece, and that by wearing them you can share the same desire. The desire to build a legacy by living a life you embrace.

Build your own legacy. Live the life you want to live.