A Guide to Wearing Rings for Men

Accessories are a must for any person, especially if it goes perfectly with an outfit. For people who love accessories, rings are a part of any outfit. Both men and women wear rings, but men tend to shun rings for various reasons, such as not finding the right ring for them, not knowing their ring size, and so on.

Regardless, wearing rings is something that men can do. This is evidenced by male nobles in the Middle Ages who wore rings with a big piece of extravagant stone that was sure to grab the peasants’ attention. 

Even now, celebrities, especially rappers, do the same thing with rings made out of solid gold. The good news is that men are now seeing the value of rings, especially those designed specifically for them.

In this article, we’ll discuss how men can wear rings better. Read on below to learn more.

The Right Ring for the Right Finger

First and foremost, you must have a solid idea of which finger you want to be fitted with a ring. 

Where your ring is placed should be determined by your preferences, practicality, and if it will go off as quickly as you wore it. The last one is critical because you don’t want a ring that’s easy to wear but won’t be easily removed.

The Pinky

It may not look like it, but your pinky is a valuable asset if you want to test rings for yourself. There are two reasons you should wear a ring on your pinky finger. 

The first is that the pinky finger is decorative in the sense that it won’t intrude by getting in the way of you doing things with your hands. The second reason is that you can wear it because you simply can, rather than sticking to the tradition of wearing a ring on your ring finger.

If there’s anything to blame for the popularity of pinky rings, it’s ‘The Godfather’ trilogy of films. The trilogy portrayed mobsters wearing rings on their pinky, giving the idea that only they can wear rings that way. This isn’t the case now, though—anything goes!

The Ring Finger

As the name suggests, this is where most rings are worn. However, an interesting fact is how rings are worn on the ring finger—the ring is worn on the left ring finger in the US and the UK, while the ring is worn on the right ring finger in Eastern European and other Orthodox countries.

The belief that the ring goes explicitly in this finger is because of the unbroken vein. Here, the ring finger essentially holds an unbroken vein (the vena amoris) that leads directly to the heart.

The Middle Finger

When wearing rings, the middle finger is only an option when the rest of your hand already has rings on them. It’s not left bare for traditional reasons, but rather because it’s next to the index finger, which is the most hardworking out of all the fingers. 

The proximity simply means that any heft can feel awkward, which can affect your daily tasks. If you want to push through with middle finger rings, they’re usually found on the opposite side of the wedding band. 

The Index Finger

According to historical sources, the most prominent finger wears the most prominent rings, either a signet or a family crest. In some countries, wearing a ring on the index finger is punishable by anyone outside the aristocracy.

The good thing is that it’s no longer a crime to wear a ring on your index finger. The best kinds of rings for an index finger are 3D rings or rings with noticeable designs.

The Thumb Ring

Like the pinky, it’s also uncommon to see someone wearing a ring on their thumb. It happens, but people don’t usually wear thumb rings because they’re bigger, meaning a bigger ring is also needed. However, a bigger ring also means making a statement, making thumb rings perfect for the job. 

The best thing to do is to not wear rings on the rest of your hand, but rather for your thumb and pinky only to provide a good amount of distance.


Before getting a ring, you should know which finger you’ll be putting them on. The easy part is finding a ring that you like, but it can be tricky to find the right ring for the correct finger. You have complete freedom to choose your rings, but you should also know that it’s not a one-and-done process.

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