Choosing the Perfect Jeans According to Your Body Type

A typical shopper’s problem is finding the best jeans that suit their body. We get it—it’s challenging for everybody! Perhaps the answer that we’re searching for lies in the type of body that we have, especially when it comes to male proportions.

Did you know that body types fall under three categories? They’re called ECTOMORPH, MESOMORPH, and ENDOMORPH. The concepts can be rather difficult to fathom on their own, so today, we’ll discuss the differences between the three and help you decide which one best describes your body. 

Once you know your body shape and type, you’ll have better knowledge of choosing the best jeans for your next shopping trip!


Ectomorphs often have a naturally slim or skinny appearance and often have long limbs, thin shoulders, and a slim upper body structure. Because they have a speedy metabolism, they also have little body fat and find it difficult to gain weight. While this may seem like a “good” problem, ectomorphs are often at a disadvantage when shopping for clothes, particularly trousers and jeans. 

Because of their skinny physique, fitting into and looking decent in a new pair of jeans is difficult for ectomorphs. There is a fine line between finding clothes that fit well and finding clothes that appear ill-fitting. Often, you will hear them groan when they wear clothes and take a “coat hanger” shape. If you’re one of these individuals, you’d probably look best in a pair of skinny jeans.


A mesomorph is considered in the “normal” range. Simply put, these are individuals who may lose or gain muscle and fat quickly, depending on the diet and lifestyle they partake in. They often appear to have athletic physiques or average weight, have a strong frame, are of medium height, and have a normal metabolism.

Because of these characteristics, mesomorphs don’t have much difficulty fitting into clothes that suit them. To add, they have it easier when it comes to finding jeans that fit their legs and shape. They can walk into a store and simply pick clothing without much of a challenge.

Although, one thing that mesomorphs have to keep in mind is that they are prone to the slowdown of metabolism as they age. They will most likely realise that they are gaining weight more readily as time passes, which they must watch out for.


The polar opposite of the ectomorph is the endomorph. Endomorphs may easily gain weight, have a slower metabolism, and take a stockier and heavier physical shape than others. This body type may quickly develop muscle and fat but may face difficulty losing weight without cardio exercise or strict diets.

Endomorphs are usually recommended to avoid form-fitting styles, generally because it emphasises their shapely physique. With that said, they are deemed to look best in looser clothing—but if form-fitting clothes fit your taste, go ahead and do it!


All body types are beautiful, and sometimes it simply takes the right clothes to emphasise one’s shape. When you know your body type based on these three categories, you may finally end your shopping worries and find the best clothes that suit you! Indeed, looking for the perfect pair of jeans will never be a hassle again!

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