A Simple Guide to Taking Care of Your Jeans the Right Way

Jeans are often regarded as one of the more durable types of legwear. No matter the occasion, they seem to hold up to it, whether a little stroll down the park or a hike through the mountains. However, caring for your high-quality denim is still a must, especially if you want to ensure it lasts long and maintains its stunning look.

Knowing that some denim can get real pricey, you'd want to know how you can take care of your jeans. Fortunately for you, we're going to share with you a simple guide to take care of your jeans the right way:

Breaking in New Denim Jeans

When purchasing a new pair of jeans, one of the things you hear many people tell you to do is to break them in first. What do they mean by this? It is simple: breaking the jeans means that they mould and even discolour according to how you use them. This gives your pair of jeans a unique look after some time.

That said, there are a few ways you can break in your new pair of denim. One of the most common ways is to wash them the moment you buy them. Keep in mind that they will start fading if you wash them, so if you do not like that, keep them raw for around half a year before you wash them. They'll be a lot stiffer than washed jeans, but they'll hold colour longer.

Regardless, the beauty of jeans is the wear they go through, so don't be afraid to see your jeans looking worn. It gives them a personality unique to you!

Washing Denim Jeans

If you are interested in washing jeans, we highly recommend only washing them when they feel grubby. Note that this can take months to reach, and the less you wash, the longer they'll hold onto their colour.

When you do wash them, always turn them inside out unless you are trying to lighten up the colour. Avoid spin-drying the jeans as well. Just leave them in a gentle cycle in the wash and let them drip dry. Spin-drying the jeans will only damage their material, and so your investment. It also hurts their durability, meaning that they won't last as long as jeans that were never spun dry. Finally, spin-drying can cause your jeans to shrink, so unless you are trying to make your jeans smaller because they're a little too big (and ruin them in the process), never spin-dry your jeans.

When it comes to detergent, use denim detergent. Traditional detergents are too harsh and wash out the colour. Denim detergents are specially formulated to help the denim keep the colour longer, allowing it to last for many years.


Overall, taking care of your jeans isn't too hard. Simply limit your washing of the jeans, and if you do, remember what we've shared with you. That way, your jeans will maintain their look for years to come, allowing you to stroll around proud of your investment. That being said, if you still have questions about how to take care of your jeans, don't be afraid to reach out to professionals about it. They can give you pieces of advice on how to care for your jeans, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting jeans that look unique and stunning!

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