What Is the Ultimate Summer Wardrobe for Australian Men?

Expressing yourself through fashion is something that is not confined to one gender. And with the upcoming summer season, you must be racking your mind about what you should wear. Fortunately, we have some insider info from fashion models who are noticing emerging trends for warm weather. 

By following these tips, you can build up your ultimate summer wardrobe.

Colour, Tone, and Texture

These three elements can serve as a good foundation for your summer wardrobe. You can choose to stick to one base colour or other tonal variants of it. Then, mix in some subtle elements of texture or pattern to the whole look so that you can add some depth and richness to it.

Comfort Over Formality

When summer rolls in, you can say goodbye to your starched shirts, knitwear, and structured suits. Instead, you can change it up with a more relaxed, lightweight, and comfortable wardrobe. Aim for deconstructed tailoring and accessories that come in natural breathable fabrics. 

It would be best to prioritise comfort over formality this summer. You can check out the casual looks of people such as E Tautz, Drake, or P Johnson.

Be Experimental With Your Summer Look

By the time the weekend comes in, you can try more experimental looks for your summer ensemble. For a rule of thumb, you should go for “the bigger, the better” when it comes to the upper half of your attire. Whatever top you wear, make sure that it is loose and oversized. As for your lower half, find a pair of trousers that are baggy. If you plan on wearing shorts, then make them short. You can look at Casablanca, King and Tuckfield, or Jacquemus for inspiration.

Find a Good Pair of Summer Shoes

Many men struggle with finding a good pair of summer shoes. You can consider them an investment and expect to spend a decent amount on a pair that will suit you and will last for a long time.

Consider buying high-shine black Norwegian farm loafers as your go-to pair for any weather. These shoes look gorgeous and are a good match for denim or even shorts. An excellent way to make any shoe work with various attires or states of dress is by choosing the right pair of socks to pair them with. Pantherella is a good brand for socks. 

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly and performance-driven pair of shoes, then you can never go wrong with British shoemaker Joseph Cheaney & Sons. They are known for creating classic and contemporary footwear collections that are ideal for sophisticated summer looks.

Adapt to the “Work from Home” Trend

You might be wondering how your summer fashion should adapt during the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, many local brands are launching high summer collections targeting the holiday and staycation market. 

If you want to stay in trend, you can go for comfort-driven leisurewear, which has become popular among those working from home. Most flexible and dynamic brands are shifting their focus to collections that showcase garments that put functionality and utility at the forefront.


It’s fun to experiment with men’s clothing, especially during the summer months. You can work with various styles and garments, showcasing your unique style. By knowing how to make the most out of your summer apparel, you can easily create eye-catching ensembles with various men’s shirts, shorts, and more.

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