The Rule of Thumb: What Are the Ways to Wear Men’s Rings?

Women are known for their love of wearing accessories. It is something that they openly admit, and they are more than willing to even show it off in their photos online. However, the same thing can’t be said about men. They are more reserved when discussing men’s apparel, and they would rather keep their style to themselves unless they are complimented for it, only to respond with thanks and a smile.

There may be a divide between men and the topic of apparel, specifically with a ring or two on their fingers. It could even be something that some people might see as insignificant and unnecessary for those who wish to put the accessory on in their own way.

However, there is an unwritten code for wearing such an accessory, even for men. And if they were to overlook that, there may be some misinterpretation or confusion regarding how to carry them correctly.

If you want to know the different ways of wearing men’s rings, we’ve listed them down for your reference below.

On the Fourth Finger

We need to mention this first as there is a tendency for you to encounter a misunderstanding during one of your blind dates. The fourth finger is where married men wear their rings, meaning that if you put your accessory on that finger, you might be asked awkward questions by your date. Prevent this embarrassing incident, and be sure to put it on the right finger only after you’ve exchanged your “I dos.”

On the Middle Finger

It is unusual to place your accessories on the middle finger, but if you are feeling a bit rebellious, then, by all means, do it! Remember that the gesture might be confusing, especially if you raise it to show off your ring. You wouldn’t want to get into any trouble, after all. It will all depend on the occasion and the type that you are wearing. If you are going to show it, be sure to raise all your fingers, just to be sure.

On the Index Finger

This is probably the most viable option when it comes to using rings. Also known as the pointer finger, the index finger will allow you to show off your accessory even without the intention of doing it. Since you usually use this finger for pushing buttons or pulling your drawers, you will garner the attention of your workmates and friends once they get a glimpse of your shiny ring.

On the Thumb

If you want to show off, this is the way to do it. Complete your apparel by placing your ring on your thumb, and it will give off that air of dominance and wealth. You can also let your peers know that you are unconventional with your style. Just make sure that you find the right size, as no average ring can fit on your thumb easily unless it is customised.


While you will always have the freedom to wear your rings in any way you prefer, you may still need to be aware of the different unwritten rules when picking the correct finger to put them on. Yes, the mentioned tips may vary, depending on the country and culture. Still, some of them, like the one with the wedding band, is practised around the world and you may end up in a confusing situation if you’re not careful. Be sure to remember our tips and transfer the ring to another finger if you want to avoid any awkward situations.

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