4 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Jeans have been a staple in just about every person’s closet regardless of their gender, race, religion, or affiliation. That’s how prominent jeans are wherever you go. The only thing that stops most people from buying a pair of jeans is how to choose the perfect one that suits their taste. Due to the sheer variety of options available, shopping for jeans is more complicated and confusing than you might think. Well, you’re in luck since this guide is designed to cut through all that confusion and help you pick a pair of jeans that’s perfect for you.

The Fit

Of course, the biggest consideration would be how the jeans fit you. All the things on this list will be all for naught if the pants you chose don't fit you. If you want to get the best fit, you better take out the measuring tape and wrap it around your waist to get the right measurements. For tall people, you should also take the time to measure your inseam to make sure that the jeans you’re buying are long enough for your legs.

Once you have your measurements, it’ll be easier to fit a pair of jeans whenever you go out shopping for one. Just remember, when trying on jeans, you should be able to fit a thumb into the waistband to give enough room for you to move around and let the fabric hug your body properly.

The Rise

A pant rise is the distance between the crotch seam and the waistband. This is another important consideration as it will greatly affect how your jeans look and feel when you wear them. That’s why low rise jeans work best on people who are taller. If you’re on the short side, wearing low rise jeans will work against you as it will only make you look shorter.

If you’re not sure which rise to choose, going for a mid-rise pair of jeans will probably be an excellent place to start. They suit all body types and work especially well for those of shorter stature. Still, the best way is to try fitting them all and see which one feels most comfortable and looks best on you.

The Silhouette

The silhouette is pretty much how the jeans would look on your when you wear them. There are several factors that could affect the silhouette, like the tightness, shape, hem length, and pockets. Basically, everything that has to do with the aesthetics of the pants will influence the silhouette. If you have slim legs, go for a slimmer fit or skinny jeans. If you have an athletic build, opt for a slightly loose one.

The Treatment

When it comes to jeans, there are plenty of treatments to choose from, like raw denim and or regular denim. Both treatments in the fabric are pretty different, but they both influence how they will fit and mould the wearer’s shape. If you want something softer, then maybe washed denim is for you. For a more worn-in look, perhaps distressed jeans suit you better. It has all those rips and frays that could add a bit more style to your look. 


You probably didn’t expect jeans to have that many varieties and specifications. But if you’re not content with buying just about any pair of pants out there, then this list should be of use to you. By following these considerations, you can find the perfect pair of jeans that feel like it was made just for you.

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