5 Ways to Style Baseball Caps: A Men’s Must-Have Accessory

Men’s style has evolved. More men are exploring other possibilities to improve their fashion sense and style. However, some things never change. Baseball caps remain part of standard men’s wear. It’s more than a way to protect the wearer’s eyes from sunlight, and it’s a simple accessory that most men can’t let go of. But how do you style flat baseball caps into outfit scene-stealers?

Smart Casual

Smart casual outfits are known for their balance of business in the front, party in the back. Although it’s a typical style to wear in offices, schools, or semi-private venues, it is excellent to incorporate baseball caps. For people who are into experimenting with their outfits, smart casual is an ideal style to take—its ability to join two styles together makes it a perfect canvass for styling baseball caps.

First, choose a single-colour button down and make sure to tuck it in. If you’re wearing slacks, make sure they’re slim cut and slightly hanging above the knee. Going for a white and blue ensemble should make it easier to pair colours together. Pair your outfit with simple, clean, and white sneakers for that hip yet casual look. Finish it off by wearing a dark-coloured baseball cap that blends in yet stands out from the rest of the pieces.


The everyday look is for men who practice living a life free from stress and discomfort. It’s as simple as throwing on a knitted long sleeve over a short-sleeved button-down for that collar-peeking style. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can pair the top with denim pants, skinny fit, with a dark-brown leather shoe if you own moccasins, the better! 

Finish it off with a bag that’s both casual and trendy. Wear that baseball cap with pride and stride your outfit to work.


Streetwear fashion is for men who would like their personalities to be seen on the streets—angsty, bold, and very masculine. The style has progressed from people wearing flannel shirts on top of a tank top to androgynous pairs that exude confidence.

Shake the streets by pairing tattered jeans, a loose short-sleeved top, and skater shoes. Don’t forget to finish the look by throwing on a baseball cap that compliments the ensemble. If you want to push your fashion limits, add accessories, such as dangling necklaces or bracelets. Meanwhile, folding the bottom hem of your jeans should add a touch of freshness to the whole look.


Today, sporting a minimalist look relies on fashion pieces that are quick and easy to find. Men can wear a form-fitting shirt tucked in neutral-coloured slacks for a laid-back feel. If it’s too simple, they can wear accessories such as wristwatches or shades for a bit of added dimension. However, remember to stick with neutral colours—blacks, whites, nudes, or monochromes. To finish the look, throw on a baseball cap worn backwards.


The term athleisure is a style developed for people who would like to look athletic. If you’ll think about it, wearing gym clothes every day secures a comfort impossible to get from other fashion styles. Today, the global athleisure sector increased by 42 per cent between 2012 and 2019. As more brands shift to producing athletic clothes for the growing market, athleisure can be seen as a trend that will stay for a few more years.

Athleisure is simple—make it look like you’re going to or from a gym. The style should be the perfect blend of style, function, and comfort. Think about track pants, fitted sweatshirts, and hoodies. Wearing a baseball cap is the perfect yet fitting way to seal the look before hitting the streets.


Men shouldn’t be afraid to explore and wear other fashion styles beyond their comfort zone. Through the help of styling, every man should break out from the simple jeans and shirt combo they wear everywhere.

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