How Should Denim Jackets for Men Fit: A Simple Guide

Denim jackets are iconic street casual wear and a must-have in any man's wardrobe. Its classic colours recall the days of rugged cowboys and outlaws from Hollywood's golden years. 

However, wearing a denim jacket that's too big or small could make you look like you're drowning in denim or sporting a crop top. To avoid this, we've decided to explain how a denim jacket should fit and some maintenance tips to keep it looking fresh. Keep reading!

How Should a Denim Jacket Fit?

There is a denim jacket to accommodate every man's form and size. That said, the right jacket must suit your unique body type. 


Your denim jacket should fit as a shirt does. The shoulder seams should generally correspond to the location of your shoulder bone. It shouldn't be so tight that you can't button it up. A slight tapering on the sides makes it look sharper.


Denim jackets should fall around the waist. Denim jackets were initially intended for use as workwear by cowboys and railroad employees. As a result, the crop is shorter to avoid getting in the way while riding on horseback. 


Your jacket's sleeves should have around 2 inches of extra space. This will allow you to have a snug fit while yet having enough room to be comfortable. Vintage trucker coats feature oversized sleeves, and unless you have the arms to fill them, you should avoid them. The jacket sleeve should finish where your wrist and hand meet.

Arm Hole

The armhole size and form significantly impact how the jacket fits and your range of motion. You should be able to raise and move your arms freely. Some denim jackets feature low armholes, which should be avoided. They not only restrict your range of motion, but they also fit loosely through the body, detracting from the appearance of a fitting denim jacket.

Choose a jacket with higher and narrower armholes to provide a streamlined appearance across the body. It will also increase your range of motion.

Denim Jacket Maintenance Tips

Denim jackets are constructed of the same material as men's jeans (cotton or cotton mix denim). Therefore they will stretch and shrink the same way. 

As you begin to wear the jacket, it will expand and mould your body in the same way that denim jeans do. When cleaned and dried, the jacket will shrink somewhat, but only slightly. As you wear it, the jacket gradually returns to its original shape.

Use Less Water

To preserve fit and avoid too much "rebound," wash once every ten wears at most. Instead of washing away stains, remove them with a wet towel or an old toothbrush dipped in mild soap.

Wash with cold water

The cold water helps preserve your denim jacket's original colours. Washing in cold water prevents fading and shrinkage. To keep the indigo colour of your jeans, turn them inside out and avoid stronger soaps.

Air Dry

Dryers are denim's worst enemy. All of that lint is the result of your jeans deteriorating. Instead, hang them up on a clothesline and air dry. Doing this minimises fabric shrinkage or warpage. Turn your denim inside out and hang in a shaded location to minimise fading and wet pockets.


So there you have it: a short and detailed primer on how to fit a jean jacket. It is now up to you to use these guidelines to choose the best-fitting jacket. Denim jackets are an excellent addition to your fall and spring outfit lineups. 

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